Apr 14, 2010

v1.1.0 released

  • Achievements page was added. We are introducing new concept of website speedup - speedup achievements. Now every user can get how its website is fast in terms of industry standards / evaluations and measure website performance through time. For this purpose there is Achievements page inside the product and its external copy to share with your friends, colleagues, or even boss :) More info about WEBO Site SpeedUp awards.
  • Improved caching / gzip for some systems.
  • Improved server modules detection (CGI environment).
  • Improved UI (a lot of minor fixes to make it easier).

Apr 12, 2010

WEBO Software Blog updates

We've just updated our company blog design. It's all nice and shiny now and meets our corporate style as well.

This update also adds functionality that allows you to share blog posts via Twitter, StumbleUpon or memorize them with Delicious social bookmarking service. Each post has three corresponding icons for that.

Don't forget that you can follow the blog updates and even post comments updates with your favourite RSS reader or via email. You will find Follow Us and Subscribe via Email blocks on a sidebar and subscriptions links inside each post, at the very bottom.

And of course we are always happy to get your feedback so if you have any suggestions or ideas about our products and services, feel free to drop us a line or two.

Apr 2, 2010

New design for user guide

This night new user documentation has been released - and it has tremendous design. With the help of Prince we were able to convert all Wiki markup through HTML to PDF. And with detailed design implemented (through modern CSS3 properties and custom layout) new version of user documentation is amazing.
Now you can read it and enjoy improved typographic quality or even print this manual (71 pages now) - all pages are enumerated according to book format.
Check it out, download WEBO Site SpeedUp user guide

v1.0.5 released

Few compatibility and performance improvements in the new build of WEBO Site SpeedUp. List of changes:

  • Page 'Cache' moved to 'System Status' tab (Cache). Now all information about cache files is located on System Status (what is more clear), and there is much less info (because huge blocks of information on the previous Cache page seemed not to be useful). We are working on complete Cache Manager tool (to re-create cache blocks for separate website sections / pages), but it will be a little later.
  • Excluded 'Performance - Quick check' option. It's misconfigured in the most of cases, and actual performance gain was very little.
  • Fixed minor compatibility issues. Some more environments now not caused 500 errors on switching between configurations.
  • Improved minify for CSS files.
  • Improved client side caching.
  • Improved UI (minor fixes).

Update your WEBO Site SpeedUp or download the latest build.