Apr 29, 2012

v1.6.0 released

New month - new WEBO Site SpeedUp version. We have released all our thoughts about high website speed, fixed minor issues with functionality and performance - and have prepared the next stable version of the best website acceleration solution.

  • Improved Enhanced mode for unobtrusive loading. A lot of widgets can now be safely loaded on window.onload (including almost all of advertising blocks), also a lot of logical and functionality fixes around unobtrusive loading. There are widgets - DirectAdvert, Teaser.cc, InetLog - added to Unobtrusive loading.
  • Added option Unobtrusive Configuration. Now you can manage Unobtrusive loading even more easily - you can set sequences of any widgets which need to be loaded first and which can be delayed to window.onload. For example you may show 2-3 banners to your visitors first, and the rest of ads can be moved to onload event. No additional knowledge is required here - just the understanding what do you want from your website - high speed or high revenue, or both :)
  • Added tool Minify CSS/JavaScript. After several requests from our clients we added one more optimization tool to minify CSS and JavaScript files automatically. This can be dangerous (due to incorrect scripts notation), so please be careful. Minifying engine is taken from website configuration settings (Minify CSS and Minify JavaScript).
  • Added tab with PHP info to System Status. Now you can check the system features and modules existence easily with generic PHP info block.
  • Improved performance. Some of the product functions have been simplified / rewritten to reduce time of common operations execution. We are going to minimize impact of the product to the website performance (server-side) with significant improvement in its current performance (both client and server side).
  • Improved data:URI. New logic has been applied for Regular Expression procedure, also IE7- hack has been modified not to conflict with Google Chrome features.
  • Improved WEBO Rocket. More stability added and some bugs fixed.
  • Minor fixes

You can upgrade directly from the product (please be careful if 1.5.1- version is used - you need to upgrade to 1.5.2 first (and then to 1.6.0). You can also download the latest packages from our download page.