Jan 26, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp v0.9.7

We are moving to completely stable and featured v1.0 and here is one more update on this way. In the version 0.9.7:

  • Improved UI. All icons were recreated and combined to a few of CSS Sprites (via Auto Sprites tool). Now the whole interface loads faster and there are less files in package (update is going also faster).
  • Added option to exclude WEBO Site SpeedUp logic. You can define in System Status -> Settings a number of parts of URL to exclude from processing - and they won't be accelerated with WEBO Site SpeedUp. This field has the same syntax as for Server Side Cache exclude option.
  • Improved smush.it callbacks. Reviwed some more issues with bunch image optimization of a huge amounts of data. Callbacks from smush.it tuned a bit.
  • Improved static gzip tool. Now it can use gzip console tool if it's allowed to be executed from PHP.
  • Improved CSS Sprites logic. Fixed a minor issue with ancesting seletroes lookup and improved CSS Tidy merging qualities.
  • Improved gzip on CGI enviroments for CSS/JavaScript files.
  • Fixed minor compatibility issues.

Download new version from here or just update it from your product interface.

Jan 20, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp v0.9.6

One more intermediate version before stable 1.0 release. We fixed a lor of UI bugs (makeup / client side logic) and improved general stability.

Changes log:

  • Improved general UI stability / fixed minor issues.
  • Improved Apache modules detection / .htaccess changes.
  • Added rollback to stable feature.
  • Fixed issue with rewriting current JavaScript / CSS files with wo.static.php equivalents.
  • PHP Fusion (7.0.5) added to supported systems.

Now there is the complete set of native modules (WordPress / Joomla / Drupal / Bitrix).

Download the latest WEBO Site SpeedUp

Jan 12, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp v0.9.5

Today we have released the first (official) version of new WEBO Site SpeedUp. Its general state is beta (release candidate), but all unstable issues are related to UI only. Main core stability is improved (since version 0.6.7) and some new features were added.

Get the latest version.

Before public 1.0 release we are going to review and improve current user interface (in terms of usability and response times). Also it seems support for punypng optimization will be added to 1.0 (since they have API get up).

Feel free to submit any bugs here, we appreciate your help in improving this awesome software package.

You can also check public demo of WEBO Site SpeedUp.

Jan 8, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp public beta

Here we are with the hottest performance optimization software. We are still working to pplish it but you can enjoy this stuff under you favorite CMS. Here are WEBO Site SpeedUp 0.9.5b download links:

Installation is the same as usual - just copy plugin in WordPress or Drupal to general plugin directory and activate it via administrative interface. Then go to Settings page and play with WEBO Site SpeedUp interface.

For Joomla! 1.5 you just need to install appropriate package (via Extensions installer) and go to the component's page.

Upgrade procedure

If you are using old version and want to upgrade to the newest one -- please store file web-optimizer/config.webo.php somewhere (just as a backup), than upgrade your package to this beta version. Usually you need to update it once more - from WEBO Site SpeedUp interface (Update is located in System Status -> Updates -> Show me beta versions). Then configuration file will be altered to fit new structure. If you have any troubles with upgrading - please contact us. It seems you should have at least backed up configuration file to perform restoration.

Joomla! users please note that there is no standard way to upgrade current Web Optimizer plugin to WEBO Site SpeedUp component + plugin. So please somehow save settings from plugin interface / database. You will be able to set them back (WEBO Site SpeedUp by default is in a debug mode, website won't be hurted, cache files will be saved).

Known issues

There a few minor bugs we are still working on:

  • Not all blocks are loaded at once on Control Panel (home) page in IE.
  • Interface doesn't look perfect under IE6/7.
  • Optimization results may be counted incorrectly sometimes (just not countered properly).
  • Some pages / UI elements will be changed a bit to make overall design better.

Complete ist of WEBO Site SpeedUp / Web Optimizer packages also is located here: http://code.google.com/p/web-optimizator/downloads/list

Jan 6, 2010

WordPress Performance: Step-by-Step Every Day

We are going to completely review all sides of WordPress-based blog performance with a set of articles. For this purpose we created a simple blog on a shared hosting — www.speedingupwebsite.com — and every day there will be new articles about WordPress performance (both server and client sides).

We will review all possible plugins variations (on this website) and give you complete information how you can speed up your WordPress blog. No more '10/20/30/40+ tips about WordPress speeding up'. All information in one place. All failures and successes and all detailed manuals right here. And all of them will tested on a real website.

Keep tuned: www.speedingupwebsite.com or via RSS. If you have any ideas to cover in tests and comparisons - please share them in comments.