Aug 15, 2012

v1.6.2 released

After long summer vacations we release new version of the best PHP website acceleration software - WEBO Site SpeedUp. Inside the changes:

  • Added option to restrict HTML scaling by folder. Large website has dozens of thousands of images, and not of them need to be parsed for scaling. So now you can limit HTML images scaling by 1 folder only, this will improve overral website performance for large amount of images.
  • Added option for AJAX requests caching. By default WEBO Site SpeedUp passes all AJAX requests as they are (without any optimization changes), but now you can add server-side caching for them.
  • Added spot WEBONOTOPTIMIZE for script exclusion. Now you can exclude some JavaScript code chunks from optimization / moving inside the HTML code by just adding /*WEBONOTOPTIMIZE*/ to them.
  • Improved data:URI. Minor algorithm improvements for better compatibility.
  • Minor fixes

You can safely update your WEBO Site SpeedUp installation, or download the latest version from the official website.