Mar 31, 2010

Industry-compliant website speed test

Website load speed became significant metric to measure overall website performance and its success (in terma of online marketing efficiency). To help webmasters and managers understand what is the industry standard and how it can be reached we created a scale with website load time and, it's evaluation (in words, not numbers), and possible acceleration grade (with accurate numbers also). All numbers are strictly linked with the current industry standards and you can be sure that after this test is your website slow or not.

You can just enter your website address here: and get its speed evaluation. Also there is a link to detailed website load speed test, and a possibility to renew test results.

Mar 29, 2010

Website performance awards

One of the most prominent feature of new WEBO Site SpeedUp builds is ability to represent current website performance with visual awards. For this purpose we created a rocket which is being improved during website acceleration.

So if you have a slow website, and you have accelerated it - you will be able to share your results with friends, colleagues, and with every your reader or visitor.

There are a lot of words about nothing :), so let's see actual examples.

Rocket examples

If you have tuned WEBO Site SpeedUp to 55 (Options Grade), combined YSlow + Page Speed + WEBO Grade is 95, you have 17 objects per page, and your website has been accelerated by 310%, and its size has been reduced by 10% - you will have this rocket. And then you can share it with everybody, and place everywhere.

This can represent moderate website, which performance has been significantly improved, but w/o hard WEBO Site SpeedUp integration.

The second example - WEBO Site SpeedUp Options Grade is 84, YSlow + Page Speed + WEBO Grade is 65, there are 9 objects per page on your website, its size has been reduced by 70%, and it has been accelerated by 520%.

This website has been accelerated very significantly with a lot of performance features (from WEBO Site SpeedUp) implemented, and with very good trafic savings.

And the last one - you have reached 96 in WEBO Site SpeedUp Options, YSlow + Page Speed + WEBO Grade is 34, there are 4 objects on your website's pages, overall acceleration is 5%, and size reducion is also 5%.

This website hasn't been accelerated much, although WEBO Site SpeedUp was tuned very well. Maybe there a lot of 3rd party widgets, or very limited hosting, and this has lead to such result.

Create your performance award!

There are about 500 different rockets which can cover almost every performance situation with your website. And right now we have 3 different sizes for them - 81x81, 125x125, 250x250 (so there are 1k+ variants). Please share if you have any additional ideas or want some other sizes for your website / blog.

Mar 26, 2010

Get WEBO Site SpeedUp for free

WEBO Site SpeedUp for freeIf you are web performance geek you can get free WEBO Site SpeedUp Premium Edition for your websites for free. All what you need is to install WEBO Site SpeedUp and tune it to maximum performance.

After gained acceleration you need to send a letter to with your website address and write about achieved results.

More information about this offer

Mar 19, 2010

v1.0.4 released

Some minor improvements in usability and compatibility. More info:

  • Improved HTML Sprites. General logic made more stable and fast.
  • Fixed mhtml processing for IE7@Vista. Now users with IE7 will get the same fast website as the others.
  • Improved server side environment detection. Fixed a few issues with CGI systems.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Download the latest WEBO Site SpeedUp or update from the product.

Mar 9, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp for Joomla! screencasts

We are starting with a set of product screencast to help users with product tuning. The most important features will be described in step-by-step manuals.

Here is the first one - JavaScript / CSS files merging tuning.

All screencasts will be available on our website -

Mar 7, 2010

v1.0.3 released

A lot of minor usability and accessibility fixes (both in administrative interface and application core logic) is this release. More info:

  • Added option 'Safe JS combine'. It guarantees that in case of broken JavaScript it will be loaded separately and won't harm other scripts. Here is used try-catch envelope (which reduces a bit performance, so it can be disabled).
  • Added Basic configuration set. Basic configuration includes all first-priority performance actions, and it is a bit better than Safe one. But it can fail on a few environments.
  • Added welcome screen after installation. Major UI improvement - now there is welcome screen with quick actions and new features right after WEBO Site SpeedUp installation.
  • Added Error screen on failed automatic installation. With welcome screen also added Error screen to help understand what is worng (very rarely) with WEBO Site SpeedUp installation (and which actions can be applied).
  • Other UI fixes and improvements.
  • CSS Sprites logic improvements.
  • Improved server environment detection.

Download the latest WEBO Site SpeedUp or update from the product.