Sep 22, 2010

Finishing with PHP4 compatibility

Due to some reasons (inability to support 2 different product / library branches with PHP4 and PHP5, backward compatibility through the whole code base, large size of final package) WEBO Software is going to end with PHP4 support for its products from October 1, 2010.

All old releases will work for PHP4 environments with listed requirements. WEBO Site SpeedUp (starting from v1.3.1), WEBO CDN, WEBO Server SpeedUp, WEBO Site InSight, and all the future products will work only with PHP5.

Please take this into consideration when you are installing or updating current WEBO Software products. We are sorry about websites based on PHP4, you can use all our current builds to conduct website performance optimization, and you will be able to do so with them forever.

Sep 15, 2010

v1.3.0 released

After long summer vacations we are releasing new stable WEBO Site SpeedUp build - 1.3.0. Some of the new features:

  • Improved HTML caching (especially for Joomla! 1.5x). A lot of minr fixes and general performance improvements, now caching for Joomla! and WordPress are really the fastest in the world. You have all supported engines and systems here - starting from simple disk caching and extreme mode (w/o any access to CMS core) to Memcached, and APC, and X-Cache. All in one package.
  • Added unobtrusive support for Unruly Media, GoViral Network, Exoclick, Carpediem, and new OpenX format. 5 more unobtrusive patterns are now supported, which makes your website really faster to your visitors.
  • Improved files merging. Added scriptaculous auto loader detection to reduce number of JavaScript files. Also a few tine improvements.
  • Added support for RackSpaceCloud CDN. Now all CSS/JS files can be easily uploaded to RackSpaceCloud automatically on creation. You just need to set [user]:[key]@RSC into FTP credentials option inside CDN settings and enjoy this synchronization feature.
  • Added 'nosprites' magic word. You can simply skip auto Sprites creation if use nosprites in class, ID, image names inside HTML or CSS code.
  • Reformed product structure (less files). Package over 2 Mb and over 80 files creates some difficulties to install it (due to default server timeouts / restrictions). We performed some structure changes to reduce overall package size and number of files. The next pack of changes is going to be applied in upcoming builds.
  • Improved configuration wizard. Wizard has been tested over 4 major browsers and over dozens of websites / configurations. Now it works stable in IE8+ / Firefox 3.5+. In Opera / Webkit-based browsers there are bugs with JavaScript errors detection (general inability to perform this in mentioned browsers), so Wizard works not so good.
  • Improved chained optimization.
  • Added rollback to custom version (1.2.0+).
  • Minor fixes (including a lot of compatibility changes for all supported systems).

You can download the latest version or just update your WEBO Site SpeedUp.