Sep 22, 2010

Finishing with PHP4 compatibility

Due to some reasons (inability to support 2 different product / library branches with PHP4 and PHP5, backward compatibility through the whole code base, large size of final package) WEBO Software is going to end with PHP4 support for its products from October 1, 2010.

All old releases will work for PHP4 environments with listed requirements. WEBO Site SpeedUp (starting from v1.3.1), WEBO CDN, WEBO Server SpeedUp, WEBO Site InSight, and all the future products will work only with PHP5.

Please take this into consideration when you are installing or updating current WEBO Software products. We are sorry about websites based on PHP4, you can use all our current builds to conduct website performance optimization, and you will be able to do so with them forever.

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