Sep 15, 2010

v1.3.0 released

After long summer vacations we are releasing new stable WEBO Site SpeedUp build - 1.3.0. Some of the new features:

  • Improved HTML caching (especially for Joomla! 1.5x). A lot of minr fixes and general performance improvements, now caching for Joomla! and WordPress are really the fastest in the world. You have all supported engines and systems here - starting from simple disk caching and extreme mode (w/o any access to CMS core) to Memcached, and APC, and X-Cache. All in one package.
  • Added unobtrusive support for Unruly Media, GoViral Network, Exoclick, Carpediem, and new OpenX format. 5 more unobtrusive patterns are now supported, which makes your website really faster to your visitors.
  • Improved files merging. Added scriptaculous auto loader detection to reduce number of JavaScript files. Also a few tine improvements.
  • Added support for RackSpaceCloud CDN. Now all CSS/JS files can be easily uploaded to RackSpaceCloud automatically on creation. You just need to set [user]:[key]@RSC into FTP credentials option inside CDN settings and enjoy this synchronization feature.
  • Added 'nosprites' magic word. You can simply skip auto Sprites creation if use nosprites in class, ID, image names inside HTML or CSS code.
  • Reformed product structure (less files). Package over 2 Mb and over 80 files creates some difficulties to install it (due to default server timeouts / restrictions). We performed some structure changes to reduce overall package size and number of files. The next pack of changes is going to be applied in upcoming builds.
  • Improved configuration wizard. Wizard has been tested over 4 major browsers and over dozens of websites / configurations. Now it works stable in IE8+ / Firefox 3.5+. In Opera / Webkit-based browsers there are bugs with JavaScript errors detection (general inability to perform this in mentioned browsers), so Wizard works not so good.
  • Improved chained optimization.
  • Added rollback to custom version (1.2.0+).
  • Minor fixes (including a lot of compatibility changes for all supported systems).

You can download the latest version or just update your WEBO Site SpeedUp.

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