Aug 15, 2012

v1.6.2 released

After long summer vacations we release new version of the best PHP website acceleration software - WEBO Site SpeedUp. Inside the changes:

  • Added option to restrict HTML scaling by folder. Large website has dozens of thousands of images, and not of them need to be parsed for scaling. So now you can limit HTML images scaling by 1 folder only, this will improve overral website performance for large amount of images.
  • Added option for AJAX requests caching. By default WEBO Site SpeedUp passes all AJAX requests as they are (without any optimization changes), but now you can add server-side caching for them.
  • Added spot WEBONOTOPTIMIZE for script exclusion. Now you can exclude some JavaScript code chunks from optimization / moving inside the HTML code by just adding /*WEBONOTOPTIMIZE*/ to them.
  • Improved data:URI. Minor algorithm improvements for better compatibility.
  • Minor fixes

You can safely update your WEBO Site SpeedUp installation, or download the latest version from the official website.

Jun 5, 2012

v1.6.1 released

After the previous version has been released we tuned a few functions and improved overall performance and stability. Also we added some more features to CDN module.

  • Added option Regular Expression for CDN. Now you can define syntax of your images to be distributed, and all of them will be parsed through generic algorithm and also HTML Sprites will be applied.
  • Improved performance. Some more functions has been reengineered and product stability has been improved.
  • Improved Apache modules detection. More powerful way to detect Apache modules and not break website if something is wrong with them.
  • Improved CDN sync tool. Now RackSpace Cloud is completely supported.
  • Added DLE module.
  • Minor fixes.

You can update WEBO Site SpeedUp from product interface or download the latest build from WEBO Software website.

Apr 29, 2012

v1.6.0 released

New month - new WEBO Site SpeedUp version. We have released all our thoughts about high website speed, fixed minor issues with functionality and performance - and have prepared the next stable version of the best website acceleration solution.

  • Improved Enhanced mode for unobtrusive loading. A lot of widgets can now be safely loaded on window.onload (including almost all of advertising blocks), also a lot of logical and functionality fixes around unobtrusive loading. There are widgets - DirectAdvert,, InetLog - added to Unobtrusive loading.
  • Added option Unobtrusive Configuration. Now you can manage Unobtrusive loading even more easily - you can set sequences of any widgets which need to be loaded first and which can be delayed to window.onload. For example you may show 2-3 banners to your visitors first, and the rest of ads can be moved to onload event. No additional knowledge is required here - just the understanding what do you want from your website - high speed or high revenue, or both :)
  • Added tool Minify CSS/JavaScript. After several requests from our clients we added one more optimization tool to minify CSS and JavaScript files automatically. This can be dangerous (due to incorrect scripts notation), so please be careful. Minifying engine is taken from website configuration settings (Minify CSS and Minify JavaScript).
  • Added tab with PHP info to System Status. Now you can check the system features and modules existence easily with generic PHP info block.
  • Improved performance. Some of the product functions have been simplified / rewritten to reduce time of common operations execution. We are going to minimize impact of the product to the website performance (server-side) with significant improvement in its current performance (both client and server side).
  • Improved data:URI. New logic has been applied for Regular Expression procedure, also IE7- hack has been modified not to conflict with Google Chrome features.
  • Improved WEBO Rocket. More stability added and some bugs fixed.
  • Minor fixes

You can upgrade directly from the product (please be careful if 1.5.1- version is used - you need to upgrade to 1.5.2 first (and then to 1.6.0). You can also download the latest packages from our download page.

Mar 30, 2012

v1.5.3 released

We are planning major update to the product and even the phylosophy of website acceleration, and the new product version is just a step on this way. We are glad to announce new key functions:

  • New update mechanics. First of all you need to update to 1.5.2 before updating to 1.5.3 or upper. We changed update procedure logic to keep product integrity on update, and it's not compatible with the old versions.
  • Added options Rocket CSS, Rocket JavaScript. new options add extreme speed for all CSS and JavaScript files and are available from Zero product edition. They are safe to use, but can shring website load time by 20-40% easily! It acts like a magic - just turn these options on and be glad about faster website w/o any damages to design or functionality.
  • Added option 'Put styles first'. One more critical for most websites options: styles are being loaded sometimes after scripts, so it's important to put them before automatically with all inline/external files logic and conditional comments. And this is done by the new version of the product.
  • Improved HTML Sprites / scaling. There are a lot of new logic around HTML sprites and scaling to improve overall product reliability and don't crash on huge projects.
  • Added currency option. Be default all files in HTML cache are named with current currency (to separate different languages / currency in cache). Now you optimize this option by default currency, this will reduce size of HTML files in cache by 30-50%.
  • Minor fixes

You can update directly from the product - but please be carefull with 1.5.2-1.5.3 transition. New versions are also available to download from the WEBO Software website.

Mar 4, 2012

v1.5.2 released

We have taken a good speed in 2012 year to bring new approaches and new quality standards to website performance optimization. With a new WEBO Site SpeedUp version we made one more step for 1-click faster website.

  • Added Zero Edition. With 1.5.2+ versions there will be no Free (or community) Edition of the product. All editions will be commercial. The first one - Zero Edition - will cost about $25 (lifetime license).
  • Added welcome letter. After years of customer feedback we have brought together different parts of optimization process and huge amount of user questions in 1 document. Now it's sent right after the installation - to help our users understand website performance better and be more familiar with the product.
  • Improved caching performance and stability. Large number of issues have been closed, and now caching is operating much more stable and less files are being created.
  • Added update / install integrity check. We released one more integrity level check - of product update files - but it will be completely aailable since 1.6.0 only.
  • Updated Google Closure Compiler (to b1741) / YUI Compressor (to 2.4.7) libs.
  • Added UMI.CMS module.
  • Shop-Script added to supported systems.
  • Minor fixes.

Now you can safely update from your current product or download new package directly from WEBO Site SpeedUp download page.

Jan 8, 2012

v1.5.1 released

In the beginning of new 2012 year we are happy to release next version of the best website accelerating software - WEBO Site SpeedUp. New features:

  • Added an option to scale HTML images. The most-waiting feature to reduce actual size of website pages with auto-scaling of images which are used with wrong dimensions.
  • Added support for web.config (gzip, expires). Work around IIS + php environments gave us ability to add support for such cases. Now web.config if filled automatically with required rules.
  • Added option to restrict Sprites dimensions. In some cases this is really required to restrict memory consumption on CSS / HTML Spriters creation.
  • Added option to minify inline code within body. Now JS code merging is managed via 6 options - no inline or external code merging, external files merging within head or within body, inline code merging within head or body.
  • Community Edition moved to Trial (30 days limit). From v1.5.1 free usage of WEBO Site SpeedUp is limited to 30 days only. If you want to use the product longer - you need to purchase Standard or Extended Edition lifetime license or use version 1.5.0 or below.
  • Improved files' merging (NiftyCube).
  • Minor fixes

You can update you product or download the newest version from our website.