Mar 4, 2012

v1.5.2 released

We have taken a good speed in 2012 year to bring new approaches and new quality standards to website performance optimization. With a new WEBO Site SpeedUp version we made one more step for 1-click faster website.

  • Added Zero Edition. With 1.5.2+ versions there will be no Free (or community) Edition of the product. All editions will be commercial. The first one - Zero Edition - will cost about $25 (lifetime license).
  • Added welcome letter. After years of customer feedback we have brought together different parts of optimization process and huge amount of user questions in 1 document. Now it's sent right after the installation - to help our users understand website performance better and be more familiar with the product.
  • Improved caching performance and stability. Large number of issues have been closed, and now caching is operating much more stable and less files are being created.
  • Added update / install integrity check. We released one more integrity level check - of product update files - but it will be completely aailable since 1.6.0 only.
  • Updated Google Closure Compiler (to b1741) / YUI Compressor (to 2.4.7) libs.
  • Added UMI.CMS module.
  • Shop-Script added to supported systems.
  • Minor fixes.

Now you can safely update from your current product or download new package directly from WEBO Site SpeedUp download page.


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