Jan 8, 2012

v1.5.1 released

In the beginning of new 2012 year we are happy to release next version of the best website accelerating software - WEBO Site SpeedUp. New features:

  • Added an option to scale HTML images. The most-waiting feature to reduce actual size of website pages with auto-scaling of images which are used with wrong dimensions.
  • Added support for web.config (gzip, expires). Work around IIS + php environments gave us ability to add support for such cases. Now web.config if filled automatically with required rules.
  • Added option to restrict Sprites dimensions. In some cases this is really required to restrict memory consumption on CSS / HTML Spriters creation.
  • Added option to minify inline code within body. Now JS code merging is managed via 6 options - no inline or external code merging, external files merging within head or within body, inline code merging within head or body.
  • Community Edition moved to Trial (30 days limit). From v1.5.1 free usage of WEBO Site SpeedUp is limited to 30 days only. If you want to use the product longer - you need to purchase Standard or Extended Edition lifetime license or use version 1.5.0 or below.
  • Improved files' merging (NiftyCube).
  • Minor fixes

You can update you product or download the newest version from our website.