Aug 29, 2011

WEBO Scout - new life for

Recently we have build into WEBO Pulsar a new analytical tool, and in fact a separate product - WEBO Scout. Now you can monitor not only website load time in a browser in real time, but also receive on a regular basis summary of current performance issues and tips on how to improve the situation.

There was a well-known service which was used directly for this purpose. Unfortunately, this service is rather out of date, and besides it makes statements based on synthetic tests, often avoiding errors in assessing the possible speedup.

To prevent this WEBO Scout was released. It also operates the real parameters of loading of pages in a real browser (now it's only the Internet Explorer 8) and provide information about current issues of the website performance with high accuracy, as well as it counts the possible time of the pages to open in case of the website speedup. To assess the possible acceleration, we apply our module automatically WEBO Site SpeedUp, thus guaranteeing maximum precision of the result.

All you need to get this information - go to Reports in WEBO Pulsar, enter the name of a site or page you want to check and selecting the desired report type, click Create Report. Usually the report will be prepared for a couple of minutes, and it will be available for permanent linking. You can also enable notification by e-mail about reports' creation.

Report Types:

Simple report. A simple website load time test with the calculation of the possible acceleration - quick basic figures for those who want to a few real KPI about their website. Suitable for regular monitoring of the website rate, for example, before and after work to accelerate or change the design of the website. The cost of this report is minimal and is about $0.1.

Basic Report. This report is a bit more complicated, thre is more technical information here: server response time of 4 points without taking into account network delays, the website load waterfall and ranked tips to increase the speed of the site. This report is suitable for more deep study of the website performance issues and it provides a listing of actions to accelerate the website, and all tips are arranged by priority. The cost of the basic report is about $0.6.

There will be added one more type of reports - Advanced one. It will include all the data from the basic report, and it will contain information how to implement the most appropriate advices to accelerate website, as well as lists of files that are affected by these advices. This type of report will be available in September.

Plans for the nearest future

We have a lot of ideas about how to improve WEBO Scout and share with you that a vast experience that we have in the website audit and speedup. We hope that you will wait for WEBO Scout updates with the same passion as we have.

Here we are with WEBO Scout, and we are welcome to any comments on its functionality, or appearance, or usability. Any of your comments are valuable. And of course, we have traditionally encourage all active members of bonus prepaid.

Together, we make websites faster and more reliable!