Aug 18, 2010

WEBO Software support level changes

We are continuing reformation of WEBO Software products / services to make them more market-friendly. We have started with licensing policy this month, but the last days we have changed support level agreement, made it clearer and added some new services.

WEBO products support

All corporate support levels can be found here, but let's describe them a bit deeper.

  • First of all we separated all support actions to e-mail support (basically it's enough for most of requests - just to be sure about WEBO Site SpeedUp product features), installation and configuration support.
  • Now all manual actions on customer websites are gathered under 'installation support', which can be very tricky, and its difficulty highly depends on current server side environment (we have dozens of cases when we had to add some fixes to the product / environment detection due to incorrect server side setup).
  • Also configuration support is moved to a separate instance, and you can request WEBO Site SpeedUp tuning at any moment - there is such an option now.
  • As far as some of speedup projects require a complete report about website load speed before and after acceleration - now we are offering such a service. You can request this report and accelerate your website with your own technical team - just with WEBO Software expertize and experience.
  • For corporate support we have added one more option - online support, which means 24/7 availability and personal support manager (with skype account).

Also all support is now available annually or until included support cases have not been completely used. Check all support options. All of these levels cover all WEBO Software products, including WEBO Site SpeedUp, WEBO Server SpeedUp, and WEBO CDN.

WEBO Site SpeedUp installation

Also we have cleared corporate website acceleration packages - now there is Basic, Advanced, and Corporate WEBO Site SpeedUp products, each of them means different level of technical support during / after acceleration process. Check WEBO Site SpeedUp installation services comparison.

Now you can simply choose required website acceleration level of services, or even create your own custom one.

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