Aug 3, 2010

Changes in licensing policy

There are several significant changes in licensing policy with our last 1.2.2 release. Let's review them in details.

First of all Lite Edition functionality has been expanded almost to Premium Edition (in basic optimization features). So now you can get notable speedup even with WEBO Site SpeedUp Lite Edition. Complete functions comparison. Community Edition can be used for non-commercial websites only.

WEBO Site SpeedUp Premium Edition still have some vital functions for SMB and enterprise websites. I.e. all optimization tools (Static Gzip, Image Optimization, CDN Synchronization, more coming) are available only in this edition. Also all cutting-egde Unobtrusive JavaScript functions (about social widgets and ads delayed load) are included only into Premium Edition (also with possibility to use HTTPS for CDN and restrict URLs from processing).

Secondly all time-limited functionality has been left to SaaS Edition only. Now all classic WEBO Site SpeedUp editions (Community, Lite, and Premium one) are distributed with lifetime license. All previous 1-year licenses have been automatically upgraded to lifetime ones (but the price of lifetime licenses have become greater, $89.99 for Lite Edition and $349 for Premium Edition). All customers with recently purchased lifetime licenses will get free Premium Support or additional licenses (to cover price difference).

Now all WEBO Site SpeedUp paid Editions (except SaaS one) include support. Lite Edtition includes 2 weeks of WEBO Software Premium Support, Premium Edition - 6 months.

All product updates will remain free. Forever.

We hope all these news are great to fans of high speed for their websites. And we are going to improve WEBO Site SpeedUp quality and interfaces to make '1-click acceleration' not a dream but reality.

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