Aug 3, 2010

v1.2.2 released

With new version website acceleration becomes even easier!

  • Added Configuration Wizard. Configuration Wizard allows you to automatically check all website features and tune all WEBO Site SpeedUp options in completely automated mode. It's available from welcome screen.
  • Changed licensing policy. Now Community Edition is completely equal to Lite Edition and almost equal to Premium Edition (by main features). Also all current keys have been converted to lifetime, all lifetime keys have received extended Premium Support.
  • Added SQL caching. There is SQL caching possibility for WordPress and Joomla! extensions - all CPU expensive queries (via another driver) can be cached successfully, what reduce HTML pages generation time. We are adding this feature for all the other native CMS extensions.
  • X-Cache added to supported systems.
  • Added native support for NetCat.
  • Improved HTML caching.
  • Added Italian localization.
  • Added support for base tag / header.
  • Improved PHP proxy library.
  • Minor fixes.

Download or update to the latest version.

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