Mar 7, 2010

v1.0.3 released

A lot of minor usability and accessibility fixes (both in administrative interface and application core logic) is this release. More info:

  • Added option 'Safe JS combine'. It guarantees that in case of broken JavaScript it will be loaded separately and won't harm other scripts. Here is used try-catch envelope (which reduces a bit performance, so it can be disabled).
  • Added Basic configuration set. Basic configuration includes all first-priority performance actions, and it is a bit better than Safe one. But it can fail on a few environments.
  • Added welcome screen after installation. Major UI improvement - now there is welcome screen with quick actions and new features right after WEBO Site SpeedUp installation.
  • Added Error screen on failed automatic installation. With welcome screen also added Error screen to help understand what is worng (very rarely) with WEBO Site SpeedUp installation (and which actions can be applied).
  • Other UI fixes and improvements.
  • CSS Sprites logic improvements.
  • Improved server environment detection.

Download the latest WEBO Site SpeedUp or update from the product.

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