Jan 26, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp v0.9.7

We are moving to completely stable and featured v1.0 and here is one more update on this way. In the version 0.9.7:

  • Improved UI. All icons were recreated and combined to a few of CSS Sprites (via Auto Sprites tool). Now the whole interface loads faster and there are less files in package (update is going also faster).
  • Added option to exclude WEBO Site SpeedUp logic. You can define in System Status -> Settings a number of parts of URL to exclude from processing - and they won't be accelerated with WEBO Site SpeedUp. This field has the same syntax as for Server Side Cache exclude option.
  • Improved smush.it callbacks. Reviwed some more issues with bunch image optimization of a huge amounts of data. Callbacks from smush.it tuned a bit.
  • Improved static gzip tool. Now it can use gzip console tool if it's allowed to be executed from PHP.
  • Improved CSS Sprites logic. Fixed a minor issue with ancesting seletroes lookup and improved CSS Tidy merging qualities.
  • Improved gzip on CGI enviroments for CSS/JavaScript files.
  • Fixed minor compatibility issues.

Download new version from here or just update it from your product interface.

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