Nov 4, 2009

Web Optimizer 0.6.5 Swift released!

We have finally tested and improved (a lot of minor stuff) the last stable product version - 0.6.5 aka swift - before 1.0 release. List of changes:

  • Added CSS/JS static file names setting. This can be useful for small websites with the only CSS/JS set for all pages - so it can be named (instead of hash usage).
  • Improved chained optimization behavior. After a lot of additional tests chained optimization (on settings' save and product activation) has been significantly improved. Now it wastes even less server side resources. For WordPress and Drupal plugins was added ability not only to completely refresh cache on options' save, but also just to save options. In some cases the latter won't lead to cache renewal.
  • Improved cache clean up. Fixed a number of minor issues with cache directories usage (generally for standalone application, this doesn't affect plugins / modules as they have cache directories hard coded).
  • Improved static assets proxy for compressed files. Added a number of performance improvements (logic simplified) and fixed wrong behavior on static gzip cache usage.

Download the latest Web Optimizer.


  1. Good morning: i am trying to use web optimizer on wordpress together with hypercache plugin
    When i enable both i get gibberish on my page on a reload
    i guessed it was a double gzip content problem and tried to disable the compress function in one of the two plugins, but i still can't get them working together.
    Do you have any info about compatibility problem between the two?
    thanks! :)