Dec 8, 2010

v1.3.2 released

It's the last public update for the leading web performance product - WEBO Site SpeedUp - this year. It includes a lot of new features and minor fixes.

  • Improved gzip. There were tested few new gzip-related patterns and WEBO Site SpeedUp support for missed headers, or firewalls, or improper server side configuration, or anything else was improved.
  • Added charset option. Now with charset option (it is available in System Status - Parameters) Extreme caching mode ic completely safe, and no charset will be broken. Charset is detected automatically on the first install, and can be manually changed.
  • Added option to choose between files exclusion or inclusion into CSS Sprites. Very useful option if you have only a few images that must be combined to HTML Sprites, then you can easily add them all instead of adding new and new exclusions.
  • Added option for load time counter (via GA). With this amazing option you can simply count through Google Analytics how many page views you lost with slow website. To perform this you need only to enable WEBO Site SpeedUp with only this counter for a week, and then perform acceleration (with counter enabled). Difference will be clear. All page load time values are being collected into Events (WEBO Site SpeedUp section), and of course you need Google Analytics counter installed on your website.
  • Improved SEO compatibility. Now all combined .php and cached fiels are closed via nofollow and robots.txt from search engines indexation.
  • Improved HTML Sprites.
  • Improved HTML caching.
  • Drupal 7.x added to supported systems.
  • Minor fixes

You can update to the last version from the WEBO Site SpeedUp itself or download it from WEBO Software website.

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