Apr 12, 2013

v1.6.3 released

It took several months to add new bunch of improvements and cool features to the best PHP website acceleration software - WEBO Site SpeedUp. The changes include:

  • Added options to Remove CSS and JavaScript files. Now you can simply add some broken or duplicate files - and they will be excluded from the website at all!
  • Added Marva, Twitter, Google Search Engine, Yandex Search, Yandex Search Script, Bot Scanner, Red Helper and LinkedIn to unobtrusive logic. A lot of new widgets now won't delay your page load
  • Fixed VK, Google Translate widget unobtrusive logic. Some improvements according to changes in these widgets.
  • Added SaaS key auto-request on install. Now with the product installation SaaS license will be obtained automaticcaly. Also you can you the WEBO Pulsar service to register and increase balance of any WEBO Site SpeedUp SaaS license.
  • Minor fixes and improvements regarding performance and stability.

You can safely update your WEBO Site SpeedUp installation, or download the latest version from the official website.


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