Dec 1, 2009

Web Optimizer 0.6.7 released

Last 0.xx version before major 1.0 release has been published today - 0.6.7 aka 'frost'. We tuned a lot of minor stuff and improved a number of parts of application.

  • Added delayed load for iframes. Now you can exclude iframes (i.e. ads) from general waterfall of website load (to prevent their blocking nature) — the same way as for Unobtrusive logic.
  • Improved behavior for 'Uniform cache files' option. Now conditional comments are striped for all browsrs except IE and HTML cache files relate to current set of options.
  • Enabled optimization for cached content in Drupal. There was a bug in Drupal native module with not optimized content on caching. Now Web Optimizer works in any case, it doesn't matter have you cached your website on server side or not.
  • Separated Upgrade / Install to stable / beta branches. One more big change before 1.0 release — now you can upgrade either to the latest stable branch, or to the latest beta (the most featured) version on the product. And switch between them.
  • Added Web Optimizer module for Bitrix. Bitrix is the most known CMS for corporate websites, and now Web Optimizer supports it in native mode.
  • Improved unobtrusive logic (added some ads).
  • Improved files combine (added exclusions, general logic).

Download the latest version of Web Optimizer

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