Dec 16, 2009

Web Optimizer for CDN

After a couple of questions (how Web Optimizer can be used to move all assets to CDN) we prepared a quick quide to let you use Web Optimizer with your CDN easily.

So step-by-step

  • First you need to have CDN host setuped as a mirror for your website. I.e. if you have an image you must have (right now Web Optimizer correctly supports only 1 subdomain for CDN -
  • After this initial CDN setup you new to set only 2 options in Web Optimizer configuration. First if 'host' (the very first screen of settings, near license key field). Set it to This turns on CDN usage for CSS / JS merged assets.
  • Then you should enable multiple hosts. For this purpose in the group "Multiple hosts" just enable their usage + disable option "Check hosts' availability automatically" (this seems don't work properly in case of CDN). And enter 'cdn' (without quotes) to the field "Allowed hosts, i.e. img i1 i2".

That's all! So you will have the following options:

Website host (to include before static resources), i.e. ->
Enable multiple hosts -> Yes
Check hosts' availability automatically -> No
Allowed hosts, i.e. img i1 i2 -> cdn

So this will turn on CDN usage for your website fast and easily.

A good example of CDN mplementation is

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