May 1, 2010

v1.1.1 released

After a lot of R&D andtesting we are ready with few core improvement in WEBO Site SpeedUp.

  • Fist of all, there added normal CDN distribution for CSS/JavaScript files. We are going to include a number of pre-defined rules for CDN hosts naming (i.e. for Coral CDN), but now you can just enable CDN distribution for all files (w/o actual merging). 'Multiple hosts' group of options renamed to 'CDN'.
  • Changed Unobtrusive JavaScript logic (widgets are moved to window.onload). The second major improvement. Now a number of critical widgets (Google Search, Google Connect, Facebook Connect) can be loaded after the whole page is ready (window.onload).This significantly improves website load speed (by Google Webmasters).
  • Added support for Google Search widget.
  • Added support for Google Connect widget.
  • Added support for Facebook Connect widget.
  • Added support for Novoteka widget.
  • Improved data:URI (failures handling).
  • X-Cart added to supported systems.
  • Improved UI.
    Minor fixes for achievements logic.
  • Minor compatibility fixes.


  1. After several testings of free tuning-components for joomla i have to say that this component is really the best one for high performance and also doesn't mess my side like the free ones! Thanks a lot!

    A great addon would be to clean the css from unused tags automatically Do you have planned something like this or another solution for this problem? I would be really interested in this! :-)

    Best wishes!


  2. @Jascha: if you mean clean up CSS files from unused rules (unused CSS selectors) - this won't be added to the product. Because it leads to very CPU-expensive actions (for server) and little result (for browser).