Jul 3, 2010

Server-side caching engine

We are happy to announce a brand new server caching engine for WEBO Site SpeedUp.

This caching engine is available for several WEBO Site SpeedUp native plugins like WordPress and CS-Cart and it can be very helpful for many heavily loaded websites.

Here is the brief description.

  • Formerly, with WEBO Site SpeedUp plugin you could only cache HTML documents on a certain static site sections, or for certain browsers with specific cookies, etc. Now you are able to provide cached pages to almost every user on every page of your website.
  • Server caching feature is now implemented on a system level. This makes possible for WEBO Site SpeedUp to deliver pages for your website visitors up to 4 times faster than before, and even faster than with many other caching solutions available.
  • Cache is automatically updated when needed. For example, when someone someone creates a new blog entry or comments it, all related pages are updated in a cache automatically and without your attention.
  • And of course, along with the new caching feature all familiar WEBO Site SpeedUp features are fully available.

And this is just the beginning. Right now system level server caching already works for WordPress and CS-Cart WEBO Site SpeedUp plugins. But stay tuned, as we are already working on similar solutions for Joomla and some other systems.


  1. This is great...!!! Thank you for this feature. very much awaited actually. Would it be possible with this feature to set different cache time for different pages? That would be great as only a few pages update very often others updates only when a comment is added..!

  2. That sounds great, can't wait to try out the Jooomla native version. Keep up the great work. Loving the fast development cycle!

  3. Muslim,

    Why setting caching time for pages at all? Cache is automatically cleared when pages are updated! And if pages don't change, cache just lasts. Non need to worry about this anymore.

  4. Thank you Gleb, it is very much clear now. That sounds perfect. When we can expect a Database Cache? :)

  5. @Muslim: SQL caching was added with v1.2.2


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