Jun 25, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp supports CS-Cart

WEBO Site SpeedUp for CS-Cart

With new version (1.2.0) WEBO Site SpeedUp completely supports CS-Cart as a native addon for this popular e-commerce solution. This addon has the following useful features:

  • Complete server side caching for anonymous users (and w/o any items in cart).
  • Smart cache clean up on product modifications.
  • Clean interface to access to all products features.
  • Complete client side acceleration provided with WEBO Site SpeedUp main product.

WEBO Site SpeedUp installation to CS-Cart is very easy. It's described in Wiki (and documentation): code.google.com/p/web-optimizator/wiki/InstallingCSCartPlugin. Also there are a lot of articles about application tuning and configuration.

WEBO Site SpeedUp for CS-Cart shows about 2-2.5x client side acceleration among 4-5x server side speedup (totally 10x speedup), and it is a must-have addon for successful CS-Cart e-stores.

You can check addon discussion on CS-Cart official forum here and here.

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