Jun 4, 2010

v1.1.3 released

More and more features before coming SaaS edition of WEBO Site SpeedUp:

    Improved HTML caching engine. We made one big step to include different in-memory solutions to handle HTML caching (to improve website response time). For now only disk is supported (by default), but we are going to add memcache, XCache, eAccelerator, etc soon. Also HTML cache is now separated by directories what improves I/O timings.
  • Added option to use HTTPS host with CDN. CDN usage was made completely compatible with all of known CDNs.
  • Added option to exclude JavaScript files from minify. It's very useful if some JavaScript files are already minified, and additional minify can break them. Now you can safely merge and minify all your JavaScript code.
  • Added option to include unobtrusive JavaScript loader as inline code. One less HTTP request with unobtrusive logic (with window.onload).
  • Improved JavaScript merging. Some minor fixes with JavaScript file placement and fix for Shadowbox base URL.
  • PixelBack and Verisign added to supported widgets.
  • CS-Cart added to supported systems (by native addon).
  • Minor fixes.

You can update to the latest version or download it from the website.

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