Jun 21, 2010

v1.2.0 released

With a lot of minor compatibility fixes, better CDN support and SaaS Edition new version of WEBO Site SpeedUp was released. What is new:

  • SaaS Edition. Now all trial keys work in SaaS mode, and you can pay only for enabled features. SaaS Edition is the same in functionality as Premium Edition, but every paid feature has its own price, and overall day outgo is calcualted as simple sum of enabled paid features. Also license prolongation is made simplier: you just need to increase internal application balance via modules codes. This will allow you to use WEBO Site SpeedUp as long as you want for your website. Also you can easily switch optimization cost by selecting active configuration and pay only its price.
  • Added option 'Extreme mode' for HTML caching. After deep research into website performance we added new feature which allows you to put performance of your website to the new level. With RewriteRules on Apache level you are able to completely eliminate all server side costs and make your website really faster than lightning. This option fits only static (or almost) websites, because all pages are hard cached, and cache reload is possible only as a manual action.
  • Fixed HTML Sprites placement. Improved internal logic for HTML Sprites images placement, this eliminated a number of known issues with them.
  • Added separate cache for mobile agents. Now website content for all known mobile agents is separated (as well as it done for IE browsers and the others), and you won't worry about your website compatibility with mobile browsers.
  • Improved caching for CSS/HTML Sprites. Now all Sprites has unique URLs to force cache reload on their re-creation. Please note: you must disable and enable WEBO Site SpeedUp to make this feature working.
  • Improved PHP proxy library.
  • Improved caching / gzip / CDN usage.
  • Minor fixes.

You can download or update your WEBO Site SpeedUp to get all these new features.

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