Feb 16, 2011

v1.4.0 released

After a long winter holidays we are releasing new, amazing version of the best website acceleration software. Main changes:
  • Renamed editions: Communitty -> Free, Lite -> Standard, Premium -> Extended. All product features were reordered within Editions to make Free product Edition stable in all cases and Standard Edition useful in most of cases. Extended Edition is aimed to be used in partner / handy optimization only, and it includes all current product features.
  • Added Google Compiler (optional). Through java envelope Google Compiler has been added. Also product packages were reduced as all .jar files are downloaded only on Extended Edition activation.
  • Improved gzip. A couple of useful fixes to prevent gzip incompatibilities with rare environments were made.
  • Added unobtrusive loading for background images. This greatly affects SEO features and allows you to reduce head section of the document at maximum.
  • Added mask to include/exclude scripts. Another useful feature to manage scripts' merging order. Now it's mostly in beta (completely working, but logic must be reviewed).
  • Improved caching. For the most of supported platforms cache auto clean-up and workflow have been improved.
  • Improved JavaScript merging. Added support for some dynamic JS libraries to be merged into a single file correctly.
  • Koobi CMS added to supported systems.
  • Minor fixes.

Don't wait, update your WEBO Site SpeedUp right now to get even more website speedup.

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