Feb 28, 2011

Changes in WEBO Site SpeedUp licensing policy

With new WEBO Site SpeedUp v1.4.0 release we made several changes in overal licensing policy. All of them are related to current features distribution between Edition, nothing more. Now there are three Editions - Free, Standard, and Extended.

Free Edition

WEBO Site SpeedUp Free Edition now doesn't have watermark (watermark made optional) and can be used more widely. Also its functionality is enough to slightly speed any website up, of course this functionality is larger than any others free software for website acceleration. This Edition can be used to get familiar with WEBO Site SpeedUp, ot to make a website a bit faster. There is no Server-side caching or CSS Sprites functions inside.

Standard Edition

In many cases WEBO Site SpeedUp Free Edition is not enough, and you can purchase Standard Edition. This Edition doesn't include product installation and tuning (from WEBO Software engineers) but has 2 weeks of technical support for emergency cases (i.e. website is not available).

Speedup services

All WEBO Software (and its official partners) website speedup services (including Fast Website and Turn-key website speedup) are performed on the base of WEBO Site SpeedUp Extended Edition which is not available for a separate purchase (only through official partners or company services). Extended Edition has the following additional features (in comparison with Standard Edition):

  • All caching methods' support.
    • Extreme caching for HTML.
    • Many options to exclude dynamic pages from caching: via User Agent, Cookie, GET params.
    • Flush-of-content options.
    • Wide range of caching engines: Memcached, APC, XCache, files.
    • Separate or common cache for browsers.
    • Client-side caching for HTML files.
    • SQL queries caching.
  • More options for CDN
    • Resources' distribution for SSL pages.
    • CSS and JS files naming.
  • Delayed loading options
    • Load order changing for ads, counters, widgets, frames.
    • Separated load for resources in CSS files or background images
  • Load counter via Google Analytics.
  • Better support for gzip on different environments.
  • More libraries for minify: YUI Compressor, Dean Edwards Packer, Google Closure Compiler.
  • JavaScript code chunks merging order setting (by mask).
  • More options for CSS Sprites.

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