Apr 29, 2011

Web Performance Audit

WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter

With our new solution for large enterprise companies - WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter - we allow corporate customers to gather all available info about client-side performance and overall availability about their websites. This solution had been released last year for internal usage to provide services about client side performance for our clients, now it is available public.

WEBO Enterprise Speedometer consists of 4 major parts. First of all it's page load time counter which is a chunk of client-side code and it gathers statistics about every visitor of the current website. This data is processed to get complete picture about current client-side performance of the given website (based on every visitor perception).

The next part, general website availability, is based on our WEBO Pulsar service, which can test your website uptime and functionality with a lot of options and parameters. With this service we can measure and store all the data about issues with server-side performance and stability. This includes information about any network connection troubles, any HTTP errors, and also about periods with large server response time (which is measured very precisely without network delays).

The next part is a competitive performance analysis. We measure website load time for the given website and its competitors and output comparison charts about actual website place on the market. This is very important is you are going not only be better, but the best player on the market. Because you must now everything about competitors to overcome them!

And the last part is our internal web performance expertise, which is focused on actual website client-side issues and provides advices to resolve them and performance estimations when about these advices follow-up. It seems it is the most useful part of WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter for technical specialists.

You can read more info on the WEBO Enteprise SpeedoMeter site or request example report for your company by request to sales@webo.name


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