Apr 30, 2011

v1.4.1 released

With new version of world-wide known PHP best website accelerator - WEBO Site SpeedUp - we have added a lot of features about correct caching and CMS support.

  • This first is an option 'Separate HTTPS cache'. Now you can have 2 HTML caches - for ordinary and secured connections. This is very helpful for large e-stores with a lot of different pages and different connection options (also for CDN usage).
  • Added option 'use zlib' for gzipping. This can help in case of mod_deflate absence and buggy PHP buffers support on server-side (i.e. complicated WEBO Site SpeedUp calls).
  • Added option to enable performance A/B testing. Now you can simply test WEBO Site SpeedUp efficiency with A/B testing feature (available with Extended Edition). All data is sent to Google Analytics.
  • Added support for multiple hosts'/folders' configs. It is another breaking through feature which enables different configuration files for different website hosts and even folders.
  • Improved caching.
  • Added # to exclude home page from caching/parsing.
  • Added Danish localization.
  • Update JS minify libraries (YUI Compressor and Google Compiler).
  • Joomla! 1.6x added to supported systems.
  • Contao added to supported systems.
  • Minor fixes.
You can simply update to the latest version or download your package here.

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