Oct 26, 2009

Customizable Web Optimizer stamp

In nightly builds we added possibility to completely change Web Optimizer stamp (small picture placed to the right bottom corner of the website by default). We had a few requests about this, and maybe somebody will be more happy if can't only disable this stuff, but also stylize it.

Image setup

Now there are three images that can be placed as a stamp:

Web Optimizer stamp Web Optimizer stamp black Web Optimizer stamp black

All of them are included to Web Optimizer packages and you can just enter their file names to enable any of them (by default the first is used): web.optimizer.stamp.png, web.optimizer.stamp.black.png, and web.optimizer.stamp.white.png. Also you can create any other image and place it to web-optimizer/images and enter its name in options. It will be copied to cache folder and used on the website.

Text link

Now you can also put any text pointing back to the Web Optimizer website about acceleration. Just use this option in group 'Backlink and spot'. This will work if you leave settings for Web Optimizer image blank (so no image will be used).


The last part of customizing your optimized website is setting all styles for this stamp. HTML code is included right before body (so it affects overall website load as less as possible), but you can use all power of CSS to place this spot to any place of the page.

For example you can place it the middle of the bottom, to the left top corner, or wherever you want. CSS is set with a string in this group of Web Optimizer options. By default stamp is placed as 'float' with a number of negative margins, to emulate 'bottom right' position (which is buggy in IE6).

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