Oct 6, 2009

Version 0.6.1 released

All tests have gone OK (no new issues). Version 0.6.1 is ready. List of changes:

  • Added support to cache static assets via PHP. The killer-feature for your web server w/o support for Expires header.
  • Added cross-websites multiple hosts disrtibution. Now you can use multiple Web Optimizer installations and distribute images through them completely transparently.
  • Improved CSS Sprites logic (background-position on icons, less image size, merging logic in a few cases).
  • Fixed 'white screen' in IE7 on gzip via PHP. Now compressed HTML go to the end-user w/o failure.
  • Fixed paths calculation installation inside subdirectory. Also for Joomla! plugin and Wordpress.
  • Adding debug edition (for the main branch and for Wordpress) to find out issues with product installation / logic.
  • Fixed a number of 500 errors in Wordpress plugin. Not parse empty content, avoid double headers.
  • Added support for .htaccess in local directory. RewriteBase is calculated now.
  • Added username/password for private testing via Basic Authorisation (for curl). Now you can hide dev website with .htaccess and get fully working Web Optimizer copy there.
  • Fixed multiple hosts distribution in HTML.
  • Added unobtrusive support for AddThis widget.
  • Improved page rendering on unobtrusive load.

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