Oct 13, 2009

Verson 0.6.2 released

We are here with the new build of Web Optimizer application. Main changes:

  • Added optional mhtml support. This will eliminate necessity of IE7- CSS hacks in case of data:URI and provide the optimization behaviour for these browsers.
  • Added mhtml size restriction and mhtml exclude files list. The same as for data:URI because files' sets and size limitations can be different for both techniques.
  • Added option to separate CSS files (to CSS rules and base64-encoded background images). Since CSS files can be loaded in parallel (in the most of browsers) we can split all rules. In the future it is possible to load CSS file with background images on onDOMloaded event that will provide the fastest 'first view' of any web page.
  • Separated inline code merging from external files. Now you can either merge inline CSS (or JavaScript) code inside body. or external files, or both of these chunks.
  • Added possibility to parse <body>. Eventually there can be a number of CSS or JavaScript includes in document body that can be harmless moved to head section (CSS files for sure, JavaScript ones very carefully). But this approach is disabled by default (because CSS files inside body are not standard-complaint and JavaScript includes very rarely can be moved from their places) and can be greedy.
  • Added static images proxy for CSS images. Only if CSS Sprites, or data:URI, or mhtml techniques are used (because full CSS tree is parsed via CSS Tidy).
  • Added separated CSS/JS files for IEs and other browsers. This allows us to include all files inside conditional comments to cached versions but lead to 5x more files in cache folder (only CSS / JavaScript ones, CSS Sprites are created on base of actual background-related rules, in most of cases such rules are the same for IEs and the other browsers).
  • Released module for Drupal 6.x. Now Drupal users can apply all Web Optimizer techniques through their administrative interface.
  • Improved compatibility with disabled curl library. Now Web Optimizer degrades gracefully if there is no curl library extension enabled on the server (just pass external or dynamic files).
  • Improved relative directories calculation. This leads to complete independence of Web Optimizer installation from the website root folder, document root folder (for the given host) and other environment-related features. Also this improves Joomla / Wordpress plugins behavior for websites in relative folders.
  • Improved unobtrusive logic. Added calculation of height of advertisement blocks for AdWords, added several counters and improved performance of content parsing.
  • And a lot of minor perofmance and logic improvements.

You can download the latest Web Optimizer here.

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