Feb 17, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp v1.0.1

We didn't stop with product improvements, and after major 1.0 release continued to make it better. So here is a scheduled 1.0.1 update.

  • Greatly improved CSS Sprites. There were added a few complicated cases to CSS Sprites logic, fixes memory consumption (approximately by 20-50%). Also improved CSS properties in case of complicated selectors restoration.
  • Added automated request for 7-day trial key. Now you can test Premium Edition for 7 days (for 1 website) after installation, no performance or feature limits.
  • Fixed endless redirects on 404 errors. In some cases side caching with wo.static.php lead to recursive redirects. Such situations were fixed.
  • Added 'Share results on Twitter' buttons. Now you can post your optimization results directly to Twitter.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Improved static resources caching in case of symlinks usage.
  • Improved external resources fetching (i.e. in case of dynamic background images).

Download the latest WEBO Site SpeedUp or update from the product.

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