Feb 5, 2010

WEBO Software increases efficiency for the website of charity fund "Happy World"

WEBO Site SpeedUp increased efficiency of Russian charity fund - "Happy World".

WEBO Site SpeedUp is a wholesome product to speed up a website. There can be not enough time to tune hosting environment, sometimes you need any solution out of the box - that's about us. And it's much easier to have only one module to optimize website performance than apply handy changes to CMS or web server.

Children's charity fund "Happy World" (www.hworld.ru) was created in 2005. The foundation raises funds and provides assistance to children with serious illnesses. Only the last year 199 children received the necessary treatment at $2.6 million. Wards fund are children from poor families. They want to get well and together with their peers go to kindergarten, to school. Strong, reliable adult hand help to cope with the seemingly insurmountable problems, - says about fund activity Olga, its coordinator.

Geography of the project is quite broad - it covers the whole Russia territory. For this reason site of a charity fund for the last few years changed 6 hosting providers, which were periodically unable to bear the load. And now the website uses a distributed hosting from Media Temple (virtual hosting on the "clouds") with Joomla! + Apache + MySQL.

Average load on www.hworld.ru is about 20k unique visitors a month. But during the fund-raising campaigns it can increase several times. Once a campaign to raise funds for the treatment of one of our wards began, - says Michael, a fund technical specialist - and there were more than 8 000 unique visitors per day. It was necessary to accelerate the website load time for visitors and fit a dedicated hoster power. Due to the rapid increase in attendance it urgently needed to optimize Joomla! CMS. There was chosen the product for the universal website acceleration to achieve this goal - WEBO Site SpeedUp.

As Michael says, after the installation WEBO Site SpeedUp reduced consumption of GPU (unit of measurement of power consumption which is used in Media Temple). This allowed to fit the provided power and not to overpay for a non-optimized site. There have been indications that the site was being loaded faster. Both the first and returned visits were speeded up with competent caching. Latter is extremely important for the fund - there are a lot of regular visitors, and it is a huge benefit for them - fast website load speed and website stability.

What is the most important thing - in the most tense moments for the host when a child's life hangs in the balance, and is going active raising for medical treatment, we are confident that the site is working as quickly as possible, saving the lives of children - concludes Michael.

Website load speed is connected not only with the robust website performance, but also with the confidence of visitors to the website information. For charity fund the last fact leads the priorities list. And if there is any possibility to increase confidence of visitors to the charity - you need to do it now, do not fish or cut bait. Because the child's life depends on the decision about donation.

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