Feb 25, 2010

WEBO Site SpeedUp v1.0.2

New version with HTML Sprites support and more performance.

  • Added HTML Sprites. There are now 3 new options: apply HTML Sprites, dimensions limit for them, and 'per-page' mode (you can combine small images for the whole website, or for the currect page only). HTML Sprites combine small HTML images and replace initial images with transparent one. This can greatly reduce total number of objects on your website.
  • CSS Sprites refactored. To meet strict resources limit on shared hsoting / VDS core logic for images' placement in CSS Sprites was refactored, and now it consumes much less memory, but a bit more CPU.
  • Added option 'Days to store cache files'. Now you can restrict number of files in cache with this option (outdated files will be deleted automatically when new ones are being created).
  • Improved unobtrusive JavaScript. Fixed layout bugs in a few cases and reduced DOM tree size.
  • Added support for ICO files into CSS Sprites. Now ICO files (as well as JPEG/PNG/BMP/GIF ones) can be combined both to CSS or HTML Sprites.
  • Improved JavaScript merging for DLE.
  • Social Engine (3.19) added to supported systems.

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